Monday, November 3, 2008

Bedtime Weirdness

Being bedtime in the Boring household, I am reminded of all the weird things my kids do to fall asleep or when they get sleepy. We all have certain positions or things we have to do when we're falling into slumber land and our kids are no exceptions.

Jayce: My grandma made him a quilt when he was a newborn and it had yarn ties on it. Well, even when he was very small, he would take those "fuzzies" (that's what we called them) and rub them. Up his nose. He would do that until he fell asleep. The blanket was bright yellow and has now, 9 yrs. later, faded to a dirty white. And the scary thing? I have replaced the "fuzzies" several times over the years. Where do they go? Up into his brain? So that's why he's the way he is....
Currently, he doesn't put the "fuzzies" up his nose anymore ( I hope) but he still likes to have it at night time to go to sleep and even in the morning when he first gets up, he likes to have it on him.

(Last Christmas)

Josie: She too has a blanket (PINK) that she has to have although it doesn't get put through any weird rituals or anything. She also has a bear (night night bear) but sadly, he is now most often found in the toy box or under the bed. She doesn't really do anything too weird to go sleep. Unless you count this outfit she insists on wearing:

(Night Night Bear made it in this picture!)
Enough said.

Jarrett: Ok. It's going to get a little X rated here. Bear with me. Read between the lines. Jarrett is, in my opinion, "blessed" in the male sense of the word. At least compared to all the other male babies I have had experience with. Ya following me? Anyways, it seems to "bother" him at bed time. So, that's why he will lay on his stomach and um... grind. Ok. I said it. I am just hoping you're following me. I know he's tired when I find him laying on the kitchen floor and doing his "wiener thing" as we like to call it.
And of course, he does have his Bob.

(Did you think I'd put in a picture of the "act"?)

Jeven: The only perhaps weird thing would be he still has his binky. And the fact that he doesn't always sleep thru the night. At 2 1/2. That's not so much weird as annoying. But it's not his fault. When you have 3 boys sleeping in one room, you tend (read I) to do whatever it takes to get the "baby" back to sleep. So, yes I will take away the binky. Eventually. And Jeven too has his Bob.

(Jeven offering to share his most precious possession)

(Edited: I can't believe I left out the weirdest thing yet! Must have been sleepy myself. Jeven rubs eyelashes when he's tired. His own. Or if he sneaks his way onto my lap, he rubs my eyelashes. Since he's been a baby he's done this. He used to stop nursing, rub my lashes, go back to nursing, and so on. Now that he's a little older, he's gotten better about rubbing just the lashes and not the whole eyeball! But it's funny to see him at the dinner table and to watch him just suddenly stick one finger up to his eye and start rubbing!)

I can remember my stuffed animal I slept with. Right up until the night before I got married. I see no reason to make my children give up things that comfort them until they are ready. With the exception of things that will harm their teeth or get them arrested.
So, if any of you have kids the same ages of mine, watch out. They may come home and tell you how their dorm mate likes to shove yarn up their nose.

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