Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I wish I had a Bob

All of my kids have blankets that are their "lovies". The one thing that they have to have to sleep with and the first thing they grab when they are having a bad day.
Jarrett and Jeven's lovies are Spongebob blankets. HUGE blankets. They both call them their "Bobs". Jeven's is "baby bob" and was originally purchased for a back up of Jarrett's Bob.
They drag those blankets everywhere. They are basically identical, just slightly different background colors. I once did an experiment. When I was putting them to bed, the lights off, I switched them; gave Jarrett Jeven's Bob and vice versa. It took approx. 1 second for them to tell the difference. Apparently, they aren't as identical as I thought!
Occasionally the unfortunate thing happens and it's bath day for the Bobs. I usually throw them in the wash and if I am on my game for the day, they are fresh out of the dryer by nap time.
Now, close your eyes and picture this: You are cranky and tired but you won't admit defeat. Your mother made you eat your green beans at lunch and NOT from the CARS plate but from some generic plate from the dollar store. Your diaper smells funny and there is applesauce in your hair. Your older sister is getting to watch a movie but you just KNOW that it's nap time. Ahhh, man! It's not fair!! But wait....what's this? Mom just came back in from the garage and she's got BOB!! Yay!! And,AND he's all nice and warm and smells so good. You bury your head in his goodness and let mom carry you to bed, give you lots of loves and you finally give in to the exhaustion and take a nap, snuggled down with your best friend, Bob.

I know I'm not alone in what I am about to say but dog-gone it, I am having a bad case of "mommy burn out" so bad these last couple days. I feel like there just isn't enough time in the day, I am doing the same mundane chores over and over and over again and nobody cares!! I am just their slave. I think (hope) every mom feels like this but when it's me, I want to whine for a bit.

Watching the boys' faces today when I gave them their Bobs, fresh out of the dryer, I was jealous. What do I have that makes me feel THAT good? As a Christian mother, I know I can call on the Lord for some reassurance but He's not "huggable" or warm from the dryer!

I did find however that if I hold the boys with their warm Bobs, that feels just as good. If not better.

I hope you find your Bob today!

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