Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fire! This is not a drill!

Edited to add:
When Jeven was confronted with being the culprit of the fire, he denied everything (wouldn't you?)
Today, while we were at Walmart buying a new toaster, he remarked how "no push the button". I responded that yes, indeed "you no push the button".
He again reiterated that he "not do the fire mommy!"
When I asked him who did he said that Dora did the fire.

That darn Dora! Who does she think she is!?

We had a very interesting time at our house yesterday.

Our toaster sits on our kitchen counter (whereas yours sits where?). This is bad for two reasons.
1) Jeven can reach the buttons. I burnt Judd's toast the other day because the toast level had been turned all the way over to the "burn" side.
2) When I clean up the kitchen, because we have very little counter space, I put stuff on top of the toaster. Paper stuff.

Can you see where this is going?

Yesterday, I am sitting on the couch folding laundry when the smoke alarm goes off. I was also cooking chicken nuggets in the oven and my first thought was that I left a spatula or something in the oven again and it was smoking. So, I meander into the kitchen to find 3 ft. flames coming out of our toaster. That had a bag of potato chips on it.

Our toaster and the chips were on fire. And not just burning. ON. FIRE.

I try putting a pot lid on top to smoother it but it didn't work. I finally unplugged the toaster, ran to the bathroom, put the flaming toaster into the bathtub and run the tap into the toaster.

I run back to the kitchen where the chips are still a flaming away. I put those out with the lid and water.

I run back to the bathroom and finish putting out the toaster.

Meanwhile, the kids are in their rooms with the doors closed with their hands over their ears, screaming. At one point, I had yelled for them to get out of the house but they didn't hear me.

When I got the smoke alarms off, and the kids calmed down, I surveyed the mess. Burnt chips every where, our cupboard that was above the toaster was scorched and the counter has some burn marks on it.

During the whole process, I really thought I was going to have to call the fire department. It was sort of scary. Ok. It was alot scary.

But to show you how resilient my kids are, Josie says, when she sees the damage,
"Ah man! Now we can't have chips for lunch!"

Never a dull moment at my house!


  1. How scarey! I know the fear of the fire! When our house was actually on fire it was the most scared I had ever been. I am glad things are OK. Will your insurance pay for the damages? Shari

  2. And everyone thinks we just sit around and eat bon-bons all day!
    Little do they know right?!


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