Sunday, January 18, 2009

Men and Technology

I have stated on here before how we live on one income and we live paycheck to paycheck. But, if you were to visit our home, you wouldn't think so.

We have a nice, rather large t.v. We have a Xbox, a Playstation 3, a dvd player, a computer and so on. But, we have paid for all these things with cash from bonuses and taxes or they have been given to us.

Sometimes, I feel rather guilty that we have all these things but yet struggle to buy groceries. On the other hand, we spend most of our free time at home. We don't go out to movies very often, we don't go out to eat. We entertain ourselves at home.

I don't know why I feel the need to justify my life but there it is.

This all brings me to tonight. Some relatives gave us a used but in great shape computer. My husband hooked it up to our t.v. so the t.v. screen is the monitor and the speakers are actually our stereo speakers. We found a microphone and he hooked that up as well.
He and the kids sat out in the living room tonight and had great fun.

Doing what you ask? Can you guess?

Someone, who shall remain nameless (I'll give you a hint: he's over the age of 10), would umm.."pass gas" into the microphone, record it, and play it back at various speeds. And the kids (and the nameless accomplice) would laugh hysterically.

We have literally thousands of dollars of technology in our living room. And THIS is what it is used for?

Just proves what I've known for a very long time: the male species is weird. Just plain weird.

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