Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things are Tight ....

... here at the Boring Stay at Homer house. I know they are everywhere though.

We were recently faced with a decision. Buy groceries or pay the internet bill. So, since we like food and my husband may be laid off any second, we chose groceries.

Until we can pay the internet bill, I will be not on here as much. I will be able to check my email and perhaps post a blog every once in awhile. (there is an advantage to my parents living 3 blocks away and having wireless internet).

It's depressing that we can't pay our bills but we're fine with giving up a non-necessity item. In fact, we're looking at it as a good break. We all spend way too much time on here.

Maybe now I will have time to organize my spice rack.

Take care y'all and drop me a note every now and then, I will be able to check back every few days.

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