Friday, February 6, 2009


There is a question that comes up in our house often. From the children to either my husband or I, or one of their siblings. And the question is: "Are you on my team?". Not, "Are you on my side?" but TEAM.

If the one questioned answers in the affirmative, there is much celebrating. If the answer is negative, there is much disappointment.

When I am tucking Jarrett into bed, he will ask "Mom? Are you on my team?" and of course, I'll say "Yes" and he will exclaim with joy that "Mom is on my team!"

When we are driving to church, Jeven will ask Jayce "Are you on my team?" and Jayce says "No." Then we try and calm Jeven down before we enter the church so no one asks what's wrong and feel sorry for him. Because we feel silly saying "Oh, he's fine. Jayce just won't be on his team".

And we feel silly because we have no idea what game the teams are for. We don't know what the rules are. Or the time limit. Or the scoring procedures.

We just know that who's team we are on is VERY.VERY. IMPORTANT.

If we aren't on the right team, our children might need therapy.

Of course, maybe the therapist can tell us what game we're playing.

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