Sunday, February 22, 2009

Open Door Policy

Let me say first off, if you were to stop by my house at any given time, I would welcome you in with open arms. At your own risk of course, but I'd be happy to see you.

But, being a good hostess is not my strong point. Planning a get together at my house stresses me out to no end. Why? I am not sure. But, I've narrowed it down to 2 things.

1) I feel like my home's appearance is a reflection of me. If my house is not as clean as you think it should be, I perceive that to mean that I am not as good as you think I should be. If you don't like the new paint color, it hurts my feelings. Deep down I know it's just a matter of taste but it still hurts.

2) I don't like losing control of situations. We have rules in our house and certain ways of doing things. Who doesn't? And, when I have a large number of people in my home and things are done that aren't normally allowed, I have a hard time.

Both of these reasons, I am honestly ashamed to admit to them. As a Christian wife, shouldn't it come natural to be a proper hostess? But I am sure people leave my house thinking I am an uptight hag. I assure you, I am not!

I will continue to invite people over and plan gatherings because truly it's MY attitude that needs to change. I will work on being more hospitable. I promise!

In my defense, there were 15 people in our house. Not counting the 6 that live here regularly.

Jarrett sitting with dad, waiting to open presents!

Jarrett blowing out birthday candles on his Wall E cake!


  1. I am sorry I got a little wild with the kids. I love those nerf guns. your house was very clean and nice looking so chill out woman. It was fun!!!

  2. To Anonymous,
    Your usage of the nerf guns was acceptable. Do not worry, this post was not about you! More about me and my need to "chill out woman". ( :

    You and your wild children are always welcome here! In fact, the girls played pretty good I thought. We should do more play dates.


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