Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was Jarrett's 4th birthday.
On one hand, I am terribly sad because 3 was so very much fun with him.
On the other hand, I am terribly excited for him. He's been waiting for his birthday for weeks.
All day, when someone would tell him "happy birthday" he would say "happy birthday" back.
Today, as we were out and about, random strangers would ask how old he was and he'd say 3. I'd have to remind him that he can now say he's 4!

We are having our family party, complete with birthday cake and candles later this weekend. But, yesterday, we went to Chuck E Cheese with his church friends. All 17 of them. To say I spent a bundle on pizza, soda and tokens would be an under statement. But it was worth it.

Here's some pictures. Before and afters so to speak.

About 24 hrs. old. 5lb 35 weeker. He was healthy but tiny.

Looking so enthused in his exersaucer.

Eating a yummy? pickle.

About 2 yrs. old. With his mullet.

Yesterday at the base of the slide at Chucks. It's about the only picture I could get him to pose for.

Hopefully, I can get some more good ones on Sunday.
(Actually, I am in the market for a new camera. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know. I want smaller, high pixels point and shoot. Nothing too fancy or expensive. But, I want decent pictures. You know, the best of both worlds!)

In case, it's not obvious, I love my 4 yr. old and hope he has many,many more happy birthdays.

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