Friday, January 16, 2009


Here are some random pictures that were on my camera. Now they are on my blog. Enjoy!

Josie had a bunch of Christmas money and her grandma wanted to take her shopping. For weeks Josie had talked about getting a very "grown up" Barbie laptop. Instead, she came home with this Sleeping Beauty dress and dress up shoes. I was relieved that my "little girl" was still with me.

My 5 year old nephew, Trent. My brother and his family live in Wyoming. I only get to see them a few times of year. I think he's rather handsome! (Trent. Not my brother)

My niece Julia with Josie. Two pretty girls!

This is what I found the other day. They were watching a movie. I thought it was cute. Big, tough Jayce holding little brother Jarrett. (Stay tuned. There is more proof of Jayce's toughness to come!)

Jeven. Self explanatory. We have not made much more progress in this area. He'll go. If I make him. He does not care if his pants are wet, dirty or off. But, I'm hanging in there. He'll get it. Eventually. Or he'll go to college and it's someone else's problem.

Big, macho brother playing Josie's Littlest Pet Shop arcade game. He was "helping" her. For 20 min. Jayce? (Honestly, I've played the game as well and it is fun!)

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