Sunday, January 11, 2009

Personal Space

I went to the movies yesterday. I never go to the movies anymore. And sitting there yesterday, I remembered why.

People are rude.

I went with my mother, we were the first ones in the theater. We sat down, about 3 rows down, on the end.

Slowly the theater filled up around us. Or at least the seats directly next, in front and behind us. The whole rest of the theater was empty but apparently we were good luck because everyone had to sit by us.

It boggles my mind. When I see a crowd of people sitting or standing, I go in the opposite direction. I want to sit as far away as possible.
Why would anyone want to sit next to someone they don't know. And in a movie theater, it's not like there's a lot of space between you and the chair next to you.

It's like at the grocery store. People are either in such a big hurry that they have to be on you as you're paying. They rush you to be done. Or, they are nosy and are trying to get a peak at your checkbook. I'm not sure which.

I know some people's "personal space" limits are different than mine. But I can't see where anyone would want a stranger touching them for 3 hours why you watch a movie.

In my mind I am thinking to the people that sat directly in front of us and then proceeded to drape their coats on the back of their chairs (which is basically on our laps) "Why did you choose to sit there? There is a whole theater of seats available. Why don't you move. Please."
But of course, I never say anything. I always have great comebacks and the perfect response to a situation,in my mind.

I am a grown up. I should be able to speak my mind. In a nice, polite way.

Maybe I will the next time when the person behind me at Wal-mart is a little too close. Or some 7ft. man with a cowboy hat sits in front of me at the movies.

By the way, the movie I saw was "Australia" with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. It was long but good. And might I say: Hugh Jackman is HOT! Even hotter without the metal claws coming out of his hands!

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