Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been needing a root canal for some time. Over a year. It is amazing that I was able to go that long without pain but these last couple weeks, the tooth has really bothered me so I bit the bullet and made the appointment.

I was putting it off for several reasons.

1) The receptionist at the dentist is a moron. She talks to me like I am a child and I could be her mother. Well, maybe not her mother but at least her aunt.

2) Duh! Who likes to get a root canal?

3) It is a long appointment and finding someone to watch my kids for 3 hours in the middle of the day is hard.

4) Contrary to what my husband says, I have an extremely small mouth. It is very, very uncomfortable to hold my jaw open for that long. And, the tooth in question is in the very back, on top.

5) I get really freaked out when they put the bite block in my mouth. Then, that nice plastic stretchy stuff across my face. I honestly hate that more than anything.

But, I went in today. Judd is on vacation this week so no worries about the kids (other than worried that no one will get dressed or clean up after themselves).

Something happened that I have never experienced before. I had an anxiety attack. I guess that is what it was.
They were putting the bite block in and I started crying. They took it out, I got myself under control and they put it back in. Then, the plastic baggie thing. I completely lost it. I started really crying, waving my hands and basically being a freak show.
My dentist is awesome and he took the stuff right off and turned his back while I tried to get myself calmed down.
I felt like a dummy but I seriously couldn't breathe! Ok, yes I could breathe but it felt like I couldn't.

We decided there was no way we'd be able to get a root canal done. So, we decided to pull the darn tooth. I'm not sure that dentist has ever seen anyone giddy to get a tooth pulled!

So, tonight, I type this high on a vicodin. Actually, I feel slightly sleepy but otherwise ok. My mouth hurts. More from having it yanked open while he pulled that tooth.

Sadly, I did not keep the tooth. No visits from the tooth fairy for me.

One funny thing:
As the dentist was getting ready to examine my other teeth, he said "Let's do a cavity search." Totally serious! I thought how on earth could he say something like that with a straight face but I guess being a dentist and not a dirty minded housewife, his mind didn't go to the same place mine did!


  1. And when he said that, it was your cue to grab him by the, er, well, you know... and say, "We're not going to hurt each other, are we?"

    Sorry about the whole dental phobia thing. I have it, too.

    If you want to drive north about three hours to Sandy, I have a wonderful dentist.

  2. Be easy on yourself. With all you have going on right now I think pulling it was a better idea. I am sure he's had patients do that before. Take care of yourself and try to find 'me' time before school starts.

  3. Probably better to just pull it! Hope you feel better soon! Pain meds are a wonderful thing..


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