Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm back!! And, it's interesting but I lived without posting and reading others blogs. Perhaps blogging is something I should give up? Or at least cut way down? Perhaps it's more of a time waster?


I've missed you! And I enjoy blogging. So, I'm way happy to be back.

Sadly, nothing exciting has happened during my break. Just random things.


Jarrett has now taken to carrying his 100 or so Hot Wheels in a plastic Walmart bag. Or Target. Or Kohls. Depending. And, if he is feeling particularly fond of you, he gives you the bag. Do you know how touching it is to go to bed at night and find a plastic shopping bag full of Hot Wheels on your pillow? Quite.

My "new" camera that I bought for myself, using my bday money and other savings sat in a puddle of bubbles and now does not work. I am going to attempt to return in to the store. I am a terrible liar but really feel like life sucks enough as it is. I should be able to enjoy a new camera for more than 3 months!

My local "Oldies" station on the radio plays songs I loved. In high school. I'm an oldie? Huh?
And, when a song that I really think is cool (Richard Marx "Satisfied") comes on, I can't enjoy it because from the back seats I get: "Do you know this song?" "Who sings it?" "What's it about?" "What's sassified?" "You look stupid singing like that Mommy."

Why is it that Jayce and Josie can be at each others throats all day long but we sit down to play Monopoly and they get along so well that they annoy the crap out of us? Enough with the fake (and real) farting!!

Why is fake (and real) farting so funny to kids and adult men?

Did I say it was good to be back? Well it is.

This week, I'm getting the final organizing done for the start of school next week. I'm also going to attempt to paint Josie's room. Right now, it is green and cream, left over colors from when her room was our office. 6 years ago. I've told her that as soon as she stops writing on the walls, we'd paint. She denied it was her but since it says J-O-S-I-E on the art work, I think she fibbed.
Anyways, I got scrubable paint so I'm going for it.

Since I have no camera, I will end with a picture from the past.

Josie (2 1/2), Jarrett (4months?), Jayce (6 1/2)


  1. My goodness! What else can happen to you? Now your camera? Hang in there! It will get better at some point.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    You've left some lovely comments on my blog but I have no idea who you are! Please leave your name at least! ( :

  3. Glad you're back. Love that picture from the past. Your kids are SO cute!!


  4. I hope you can get a new camera!

    OH, I would love to paint my walls. Have a great weekend...

    Peyton gives us all 100 of his stuffed animals... Maybe hot wheels would be easier..


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