Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Summer is going by fast. These last few weeks especially.

The term "busy doing nothing" certainly applies to us.

I've been watching alot of extra kids, on top of my 4. That's taken up a big chunk of time/energy.

Three out of four kids are taking swim lessons. Then, they go to the free playground program for a couple hours. Sounds nice in theory but I feel like most of my day is spent driving. And feeding starving children.

In the afternoons, there's bike riding and freezer pop slurping.

My house has been suffering from lack of proper dusting and vacuuming. Between the swim lessons and the pool at Grammie and Papa's, I'm always washing towels.

We haven't really done anything exciting as a family. Our trip South in early May was our big thing for the year. We would like to try a camping trip. Haven't been camping since Josie was 6 months old. That was the trip Jayce got sick, Josie was a sleepless baby and our camping companions used up all our water to wash the wife's hair. On the second day. I can see needing to get a good wash in by the 4th or 5th day but the 2nd? Anyways, we haven't been camping since.
With everyone out of diapers and not needing to be confined to a playpen, it should be much easier. We're hoping that since we're homeschooling, we can go when the public schools start. Less crowded.

Soon summer will be over. The rain will start. And never end. We will have plenty of time to dust and vacuum and fold laundry. At least in theory. I can always find an excuse not to do those things. In any Season.

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  1. Definitely go when schools are back in session. We used to soooo look forward to OMSI when school had just started in the fall.

    There's also the whole 'not back to school day' at Oaks Park in Portland, homeschooling families from all over the place show up and spend the day. It's awesome.

    And you know it's a losing battle trying to clean house while you still have little people living there, right?

    It will wait.


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