Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not Exactly Spilt Milk But He Cried Anyway

*****Warning: Potty language soon to follow*****

I was in my room getting dressed today and I heard Jeven yell
"I go poop!! Mommy? I go poop!"
That is my cue to wipe.

I tell him I'll be right there, when I'm done getting dressed.

By the time I get in there, he is standing by the toilet, in tears.

I thought maybe he hurt himself? Or, he tried to wipe himself and failed? Both thoughts horrifying really.

I ask "What is wrong?"

He says "Jarrett flushed my poop!"

I asked Jarrett "Did you flush Jeven's poop?"
Jarrett: "Yep!"
Me: "Why?"
Jarrett: "Because I wanted to."
Me: "Well,next time don't flush your brother's poop. Let him do it"

Add this to the "another conversation I thought I'd never have" book I should be writing. Right after the page with "if you don't stop licking the window right now you're going to get in big trouble!"

Did you think I made that up?
Josie, about 4 yrs. ago.


  1. That's fantastic, I love the concept of a book called "another conversation I thought I'd never have".


  2. ::snork::

    That's so funny! I have said a few things I never thought I'd say, too.
    I wish I'd written more of them down.

  3. I remember those days when flushing a poop was something the kids got excited about.


  4. Oh, that would be a GREAT book wouldnt it? LOL.

  5. HA! I have often said things to my boys and couldn't believe that I was telling them that. Like, 'Please stop licking the cement'. Or take those rocks out of your mouth.


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