Monday, August 3, 2009


Has anyone else been slightly disturbed by this commercial yet?
The first 5 seconds are the distrubing part:

1) Why are the lights off?
2) Why does the man pop up from below?
3) Why is he buttoning his pants?
4) Why are they signing "Lollipop"?
5) What does any of those have to do with computers?


  1. Who thinks these things up? It's crazy!

  2. I have never been so pleased to have satellite tv than now...I can pause that stupid commercial then fast-forward past it. My husband hated it before I pointed out the same facts you listed. Now he loathes it, and almost runs screaming from the room. Which can be funny in itself, watching a 6-foot, shaved-head, redneck-Bubba running around!

  3. OMG! LOL! I will NEVER be able to watch this again!


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