Saturday, May 9, 2009

I can't think of another catchy title to say "I am showing you more pictures"


Josie waiting for Dumbo ride.

Jarrett waiting as well.

In front of Big Thunder Mountain.

There's actually a story to this picture. We were walking thru Disneyland and passed this fenced off area that had all these tables. Also, inside the fenced off area was Woody. Jarrett was SO excited. And, miracles of all miracles, there were no people swarming him. So, we go in and Jayce and Jarrett are all posed to get their picture taken with Woody when an employee walks up to me and asks if we have reservations. Turns out, it was a private eating area that you had to have tickets to enter. (Seems like the ticket takers weren't doing that good of a job, no?). We were asked to leave. I was literally taking pictures of the kids and Woody while being kicked out of (a part of) Disneyland!!


  1. I love Woody! Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are some of the best movies ever made!!

    Great pictures!!


  2. hi! lol, im a big fan of ur blog. Looks like u guys had bunches of fun!!! =]

  3. HI! lol, i am a big fan of ur blog. looks like u guys had bundles of fun!!! =]


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