Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Can Posting Random Pictures Count As A "Catch-up Post"?

If you answered "No, BoringStayatHomer, that would totally suck! We know you've been doing awesome, important things with your free time. And, we've waited patiently for every last detail.", then you are going to be disappointed.

Random pictures it is.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. (and, if you are just learning this fact, you're in deep trouble). I am not one of those wives that expects a gift on Valentine's Day. Seriously. Nor, do I get my husband something. In the 15 yrs. we've been married, I think we've celebrated,with gifts, V. Day maybe three times. We just aren't "into" it. Now, I do expect a nice gift (or at least, effort) at my birthday and our anniversary. Those days are exclusively ours, where as V. Day is the whole world's.
But, the kids get excited and we do buy them one small box of chocolates and try to make the day somewhat special.
I made these for dessert:
The kids thought I was a genius and a gourmet chef. So, win-win!! 

My two youngest boys go to public school (my other two stay home and do school with me) so they had Valentine's Day parties in their classrooms. Between the two, they needed 50 valentines!!  They got store bought, cheap ones.
But, for my class, the one I teach, at church, we made these:
Again, I was a genius and super crafter, in my kids' eyes.

The other day, while trying to rent "The Smurfs" at a Redbox, I noticed this movie in the little advertisement thingy on the side:
2-Headed Shark Attack. 1 body, 2 heads, 6,000 teeth!
Why, oh WHY!?! haven't I heard about this movie!?! It obviously was so epically awesome to go straight to Redbox and skip the theaters entirely. Carmen Electra. Brooke Hogan. That alone is worth $1.20.
Alas, the kids had their hearts set on the little blue people.

That's it. That's what I've been up to. Strawberries, elephants and two-headed sharks. You know, normal stuff.


  1. I love the little elephants! Way more creative than I am. Ever. :) Glad to have you back!

  2. I made 50 valentines that I saw on Pinterest for the boys classrooms. They were plastic bags with Pop Rocks and tags that said "Valentine, You Rock! From Youngest/Oldest"

    The kids loved them. Then of course I had to make 50 pink cookies with dove chocolate hearts in them, and 50 chocolate chip cookies for the classroom.

    My big V day plans were to get the taxes done. Our Tax lady got us $4k back. And that my friend is a VERY sweet day indeed!


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