Friday, June 3, 2011

Money Well Spent

A few posts ago, I mentioned how a certain little boy (clue:rhymes with Heaven) has a freakish amount of energy.  And, while most of my kids can sit down and do their Legos or puzzles or color, this certain little boy ( clue:  loves marshmallows) will not do any of these things. He basically follows me around all day and demands food. And attention.  And, while I love this little boy (clue: somehow is constantly sticky) with all my heart, he makes it near impossible to get anything done. Especially the approximately 1000 lessons we have left in school to do in 8 days.

With all his moola he accumulated for his birthday, I encouraged him and his Daddy to have a day and go shopping (killed two birds with one stone, I did!)

I also encouraged Daddy to steer this little boy (clue: was disappointed that he could not buy a real motorcycle with the $60 birthday money he had) towards something productive. Something he could do for 5 min. so I could do something else.

I had this in mind.

This is what Daddy and the certain little boy (clue:  still unproductive) came home with.

Certain little boy and his new friend.

Not to be confused with the real thing:
Certain Daddy with his friend. 

You can see why not much gets done around here.

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