Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Note

Jarrett gave this to me last night:

"Dear Mom, think you for bing niss to me"  (Dear Mom, thank you for being nice to me)

Many thoughts went through my head, in this particular order:
  • Omigosh! How awesome! I love, love, love to get notes from my kids that they do ALL.BY.THEMSELVES! With misspelled words and everything. 
  • I love how he is learning to sound out words and his writing is improving so much!!
  • I wonder if my husband got an awesome note like this?
  • Probably not because I am so much nisser than he is. 
  • Wait a minute. How bad of a crank have I been that when I'm actually decent to my child, he feels the need to write it down?  
  • I love this little bugger so much! 


  1. this makes me cry! he is doing so well with his words and writing. keep this note forever. i think you should keep him.

  2. I found a note from Youngest the other day. It was his "thankful" note from Thanksgiving. I'd share it here but he says it's "private". :)

    Anyway, it vindicated me for all the things I do, good and bad, as a parent. It's like that moment when you say "Holy cow, he's actually getting it."

    But FYI, it did not say I was nice. You must be way nisser than me.


  3. So sweet! You must be a much niccer Mommy than I am because the only note I've ever gotten from my kids is one from Carter that read, "Dear Mommy, I love you, but you're just really hurting my feelings when you discipline me."

    Oh, well. ;)

  4. That's just precious. From the heart. Awwww.

  5. Awww! How adorable is that kid?!

    And now I think I'm going to use the word "niss" today. :-)



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