Saturday, October 19, 2013


I'm not in a bad mood, I swear.
The weather has been so pretty. So far, we've avoided the sickies that have been going around. Life has been just fine.

But. There are still some things that are irritating me. And, I thought it necessary to gripe about them here. we go.

1:  Zombies/Vampires/Other Horror Crap---Yes, I know it's Halloween season and that stuff tends to "go" with it. But, the zombies and vampires have been BIG for quite awhile now. Apparently, there is a tv show that is HUGELY popular about zombies and walking. I don't watch it. I find it all stupid. And somewhat disturbing. But, the "Horror Theme" is just everywhere and I'm a little peeved about it. I was in a store the other day (which reminds me of the next peeve I'm going to list. Stay tuned.), found a cute hoodie, on sale. But, upon further inspection, I noticed it was covered in skulls!! I just...don't....get it.  If that sorta thing is something you like, then go for it. I'm just tired of seeing it everywhere.

2:  Being Asked to Donated to Random Charities When I'm Already Spending My Hard Earned Money in Your Store--Seems to me, every store is asking me if I'd like to round my total up to benefit some charity. And, while I have no problem giving to charity, I do have a problem with people asking me for MORE money. The money I'm about to spend on the ONLY pair of jeans in the entire town that fit my 10 year old daughter, like a 10 year old girl and not a 21 year old hooker, (peeve!) is enough of a dent in my dwindling budget and you're asking me to donate money to a charity that I have no idea of it's validity and if you will indeed give the money to them? I think not. And, while I'm at it--wearing pink or posting my bra size on facebook does absolutely NOTHING to fight cancer. I'd rather donate my time in helping a mother/woman by giving her a ride to chemo, babysitting her kids, buying groceries or any other easy task that would be actually helpful . Rounding my purchase up at Penney's is not going to help my neighbor.

3: Since When Does the Music in Stores Have To Be So Loud--I know Ami wears headphones when she shops and while I think that's a wonderful idea, I find it somewhat claustrophobic and I have a hard time keeping a watchful eye on my kids if I'm wearing headphones. Why not have a station at the checkout where if you want to listen to the crap they play on the radio these days, then you "rent" a pair of headphones and can listen and other shoppers will not scream and pull their hair out because some girl singing a song about "Maybe" is driving her insane?

There. I feel so much better getting that all off my chest. And, yes, I realize it makes me sound like I'm 88 instead of 38 is what it is.

What are your peeves?  Everyone has some. Spill it!


  1. You already know I hate the music (or what passes for music) in stores. I prefer no music. It just adds a layer of noise to an already overwhelming (for some people at least) sensory overload experience. Goodwill has started playing one song from each genre all in a row. So a person is treated to rap, then classical, then country, then pop, then rap... it's horrible. Makes me want to scream. I do wear headphones, but not when I am shopping with anyone... only when I'm alone. I can see why it would be difficult to wear a headset with kids.

    I really hate the donation thing, too. First, I can't afford to donate extra money to anything right now. And the gum-popping, yah, rilly little girl behind the counter had better not roll her eyes when I say, "No. Thank you." because I'm likely to slap her or talk to management. (So far haven't slapped anyone...)

    I don't like horror movies or gore and do not understand the whole skull thing that's been popular for a couple years. I don't mind the skulls, it's someone else's 'thing' but I sure don't get it.

    You don't sound old, by the way. You sound thoughtful. :)

  2. Okay... the short list...

    people who leave closet/cabinet doors open.
    socks on the floor.
    People who want me to NOT deliver their bills.
    The fact that there are virtually no family shows on TV anymore that don't involve cartoons and squeaky voices.
    That I have to buy baby food for my cat...

    And for the record... you're younger than me. :)

  3. I'm "old" as well {32 going on 86}.

    Here we go:

    I can't stand that the only dress up costumes I can find for young boys are super hero's. We're doing a "God's Creations" theme at our church and you think I can find ANYTHING for 6 and 9 year old boys? NO.

    I hate that there's no light in freezers. Why should the fridge get one and not the freezer? How am I supposed to find the frozen chocolate chips in the dark without waking up the kids if there's no light in there!?

    Drives me crazy when someone sees me out with my (well behaved!) 4 kids and says, "Wow - you've got your hands full!" Don't insult my kids...or my ability to parent them...or my choice to have that many. My heart is full - and my sad empty hands could use an infant in them again. {And no, we're not expecting or ever expecting to be expecting again. Unfortunately.} ;)

    I get so mad when I go to a second hand store and get all excited when I find something name brand that I LOVE (Keens, Bogs, mostly name-brand kid shoes that I know are going to last) and realize that the store has marked them up to only about $10 less than I'd pay for them brand new. Seriously drives me BATTY!

    Changing top bunk bed sheets.

    When people refer to the Dad "watching" his kids as "babysitting" - that one makes my blood boil. It's called PARENTING, people!!!

    I could go on (and on and on and on) but I won't. I'm getting an ulcer just thinking about this stuff.



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