Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Is This Thing On?

Hello? Hello? Testing, 1...2...3.. Anyone hear me?

I wouldn't be surprised if not a single person was listening. But, I'm going to write anyways.

I've missed writing here, and I've missed reading your stories as well. Facebook is nice, but this is where it all started, so to speak. I'm going to make an effort to come back here more often.

Since I've last wrote:

We lost my Grandmother in November, my mother's mother. It was hard but fast. She declined very quickly the month or so leading up to us putting her on hospice. She was put on hospice at 11am and was gone by 530 that evening. My mom and myself were with her and it was very peaceful and it was the way she wanted it to be. We all miss her terribly but we were happy that she was reunited with my Grandpa and they got to spend Xmas together.

My oldest turned 18 and promptly bought a motorcycle. Parenting an adult is hard. Even if he is mature and responsible. He will still make mistakes and we will have to let him. The motorcycle was entirely paid for by him, we "made" him get his own insurance policy (Honestly, we were hoping it would be so outrageously expensive, it would detour him from buying the bike but, nope, affordable. Damn you ,Geico.) As the weather is getting better and better (hahahaha!) these days, he is riding it more. I'm hoping he will get one safe (and fun, I'm not a total monster) summer out of it and get rid of it.

I'm working 3 days a week at the ALF (Assisted Living Facility) and it's getting more and more difficult. It's a young person's game. My back, my knees, even my wrists are always hurting. I love the residents and I love caring for them, but it's hard. And, to be truthful, it's a business. I think that's what is really the hardest part. It's about the $$. No two ways about it. Yes, there are loving and caring people in the business, but it's about making a profit.The things I could tell you.......but, someday, you or a loved one may need a place like the one I work. I don't want to scare anyone away from using these types of places. Like I said, there are loving,capable, honest and sincere people working there. But....also, there's not.
My youngest boys plus friends, at the beach on a day where
the sun actually shined!! 

This was the first school year where all 4 kids were at home. It's been a struggle. It would be so much easier if I wasn't working (sorta need to keep doing that, for now) or watching extra children (sorta need to do that as well, for the same reasons I need to work).  We are going to switch schools/curriculum for next school year. Fingers crossed it will be a good change.

Things are going well. We are kept busy with kids, jobs, church and family.  I remember when all my kids were under the age of 8, how challenging it all was. I thought it would never get as hard as it was then. The diapers, tantrums, sleepless nights. But, now, I think this is pretty darn hard as well. Huh. Guess being a parent/adult is just hard, no matter the stage we are in. Who knew?
Proud fishermen

Getting underwear out of a dresser for a resident, I came across some of his war medals.  I
It was sad to me, that these were just put away in a drawer. 

Jarrett turned 12 in Feb. but still can't seem to not land on his noggin. 

Apparently, this is what boys do when they have friends over. 

Newest member of our zoo, Dewey. Jarrett's tortoise. 


  1. YUP... that is EXACTLY what they do with duct tape. :)

    I have also been MIA in the blogging world... life moves so fast... but I thought I'd let you know I'd stopped by, unlike the previous commenter, who apparently really wants us to go to Amsterdam.

    Girls Weekend? :)

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