Friday, May 9, 2008

I date my son.

Actually, I date all of my children.

Any good Pastor or marriage counselor will tell you how important it is to keep dating your spouse, even after you've been married for years. And even if you don't have children. That is a principle that Judd and I follow as much as possible. It is hard with 4 children and a job that doesn't give him regular days/hours off. But we do ok. More on that in a different post.

But, because I do have 4 children and they are still so young, most of my day is spent cleaning and "tending" to the little ones. And I admit, grudgingly, that I don't always listen when Jayce or Josie are telling me something. It is something that I swore I would never do, and to be honest, I have kept that promise up until the last year or so. But I find myself doing the "uh-huh" or "wow" but not really knowing what was said. I find EXTREMELY important to take my children, one at a time, with me, somewhere. Be it the grocery store, or just for a simple walk. Or alone in their rooms. I am always amazed at how different they are when their siblings aren't around. Josie is much better behaved, Jarrett talks very clearly and specifically, and Jeven seems like such a big boy.
That brings me to Jayce. With Jayce, I actually go to the trouble of planning a "date". I arrange for the others kids to be watched and we go somewhere somewhat special. The toy store, where we look at ONLY his likes. The video game store, where we can take our time and look at all the cool games. Or even to McD's where we sit INSIDE the restaurant (not in the van, driving down the road!) and we talk. Or I should say, he talks. And talks. About everything. His friends, GIRLS (yikes!) and what he wants to be when he grows up (ever changing). Again, I am amazed at what an awesome kid he is. Being the oldest, and also the typical oldest child, he does get put last sometimes. He doesn't always need the constant supervison, or constant nagging.
But I want to make sure these lines of communication stay open. It is my hope that even when he is 16 or 17 that he will still date his mom.

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