Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not much to say....

....but feel the need to say SOMETHING!

We are currently going thru an update on our house. We have lived here for 9 years but haven't really done any updating because we've always spent extra money on doctor and hospital bills.
We replace the carpet in living room and vinyl in kitchen and hallway with laminate flooring. During that process we found some dry rot and had to replace a wall. Or two. We are painting and replacing worn out doors and trim as we go. We have been working on it for about 3 wks. now and I am very thankful that we have this opportunity but also frustrated because it has meant me packing up 4 kids and being gone somewhere all day while work gets done. It has meant the kitchen table being in the living room (fun!). And getting behind on my everyday chores--laundry and dusting, etc.
But enough of that whining.

Summer is almost here!! Jayce had his first baseball practice of the season tonight and it went well. Alot of the same kids as last year.

Josie is done with preschool and all registered for kindergarten. She is very excited and it's going to be hard for her to wait all summer before she "gets to ride the bus with Jayce". Jayce is not as thrilled.

Jeven turned 2 last week. He is the same weight as Jarrett, his older brother. Just a tad shorter. I had to fill out a questionnaire that is an "Autism" screening. For some stupid reason he failed it!! Meaning that more testing is recommended. Now, I have been around autism and Jeven is not autistic!! The whole thing was based on I said "no, he doesn't always look where I'm pointing." What 2 yr. old does? My husband doesn't always pay enough attention to know where I'm pointing!!
Luckily, our ped. knows me and although it is his job to offer more testing, he was very o.k. with me refusing the test.
It left me feeling very frustrated with the whole system. It seems more and more kids are getting diagnosed with Autism and yes, it is real and families are suffering from it but maybe, perhaps some of these "Autistic kids" could benefit from more attention (positive) from Mom and Dad.

I will get off my soap box now!!

I will put some pics of our "remodel" on soon! Befores and afters. Just hoping I get to take the afters soon...

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  1. Jackie: I, too, started a blog. If you are interested, take a peak. And, for some new info since I commented, it looks like GM is going to keep us here a little longer than we thought. Ugh! We just found out today.


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