Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A day to forget

Jayce had his baseball practice last night. It only lasts for 1 1/2 hours. 90% of the time, when I sign him up for a sport, or sign any of the kids up for anything, I am on my own. Judd never really knows what time he gets off work, his day off rotates.
It is a huge pain in the butt to drag the other 3 kids to practices but I can't let the fact that I have 4 children keep Jayce from getting to do important stuff like play sports and make friends.
Usually I prepare fairly well and bring toys and snacks and so forth. Last night was just one huge downward spiral into the dumpster.

This is how practice went last night:
Let Jayce take our chair and go to the field that I think is literally 1/2 mile out.
I unload boys and Josie (who has NOT had a nap, after our late night Sunday night. This is KEY to story)
Josie has back pack that has a few toys and 2 water bottles in it. Plus usual diapers and stuff.
Jarrett falls on curb. Scrapes his knee pretty good. Get him calmed down.
Josie doesn't want to carry back pack. I tell her too bad. She starts screaming and throwing a fit. While I am whispering in her ear all the terrible things I am going to do to her (we are standing right in front of a soccer game) Jeven falls. Scrapes his knee.
It starts to rain.
I say forget it, we're going to the van.
Josie then starts screaming about THAT.
We haven't even left the parking lot.
But now I have three kids in the van, I can't even SEE Jayce and I just know he's wondering where we are and that when practice is over, he'll come to the van but leave our chair out there. I try calling Kim (sister in law who lives 5 miles from school where we are) to see if she can stop by on her way home, sit in the van while I run out to field but she won't answer.
Now, Jarrett and Josie both have to go potty. There is NO potty!!
I call Michelle who is at Safeway.(other SIL, who lives clear across town!) She says "No problem. I will be right there" ( she is awesome in a sticky situation).
Jarrett has peed his pants. I am not mad, he didn't really have a choice. I change him into the extra clothes that were in the evil back pack.
Josie is still crying that she has to GO!! I see a port-a-potty WAAAYYY out by Jayce's field. I tell her to hold on until Shelly gets here.
Jarrett pees his pants again.
I see Shelly pull in parking lot. Jarrett says he has to go again so I let him pee in the parking lot. I think he was trying to hold it and it just kept escaping, and he was trying so hard not to wet himself. When he finally peed on ground, he peed about a gallon.
I run Josie to potty.
I run out to get chair and tell Jayce what's going on.
Run back to van, tell Michelle thanks a ton and lock ourselves in the van until 6:30.

It is now 5:30.

Spending one whole hour in a minivan with 3 kids, no toys other than a couple balls and only 3 bags of fruit treats, not my idea of a good time.

The best part is that Jayce has practice again tonight!

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  1. You know I love reading these, right?! :)


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