Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cuteness overload

Warning: it's gonna get a little sappy so prepare yourselves!

My kids are cute. Really, I am not just saying that. And they are funny! Like really funny--they understand a good joke. And they say the funniest things. Even Jayce who is old and wise in all his 9 yrs. ( according to Jayce himself).

I thought I would note some of the things I can recall from just the last few days. You may think they aren't that great and maybe perhaps they are "you had to be there" moments, but I want to remember them.

Jayce: He and his dad use "manly shampoo" while me and the little kids use different stuff. Jayce informed me the day after I had spent 2 hours and millions of dollars at the store, that we were out of manly shampoo. I told him to use mine, "it's the stuff in the orange bottle". That was several days ago. This morning he gets out of the shower and says " That CARCASS shampoo doesn't work very good." I said "WHAT?" Again he says something about the CARCASS shampoo. We go back and forth, me trying to determine that he indeed is using the stuff in the orange bottle and him being very determined that he was using CARCASS shampoo. We go into the bathroom and he points and says "that stuff". It was my CARESS body scrub!! First we had a good laugh that it was not carcass and then we realized that all week he'd been washing his hair with body scrub!

Josie: She and Jayce were playing outside and they were getting a little rough. She was kicking him and hitting him and he was pretending to be mortally wounded. She got a little too close to his groin area and he told her to not hit or kick boys "there". She said "I didn't kick your ankles!".

Jarrett: Comes in from outside, where the grass was getting a little wild, and asked for the scissors. I tell him no, of course, then it occurs to me to ask "why do you want the scissors?"
"To cut the grass!" Jarrett says.

Jeven was walking around being a chicken the other day and I had to change his poopy pants, Jarrett walks by and says "EWWW!! Chicken poop!!".

Jeven: Jeven doesn't really tell jokes or get sayings mixed up. He just does this:

and this:

which is to say he just goes thru each and every day looking extremely cute and loveable!
Which is fun in itself.

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