Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh how things change!

A long time ago, when I first started my parenting journey,( in other words, when Jayce was a newborn) I worried about EVERYTHING. You know what I mean, right?
You check to make sure they are still breathing, you analyze their poops, and you worry every time someone holds your precious little baby.
I remember when Jayce was less than a month old, my husband's aunt was holding him and she had on a glittery sweatshirt and I seriously gave myself a headache thinking of how Jayce was going to get a piece of glitter in his mouth, choke and die. All because I let Aunt XX hold the baby!
Or the first time they get sick and you call the doctor every hour to give them an update. Because they are anxiously awaiting to know if your baby has come thru his bout of constipation ok.
Or the first time you clean up puke. The real puke, not the baby spit up stuff but VOMIT. And you either A) puke yourself because it is so gross or B) dig thru it trying to figure out what they ate that made them sick. (by the way, I am choice A).

Then you have another baby and you still check if they are still breathing, but only if you wake up, unlike setting the alarm like before with the first baby. You are a little more experienced and more confident in your skills.

Well, just imagine what it's like when you have 4 children.

The other day, we were getting ready to go somewhere and I came into the living room to see Jeven eating part of my plant, mixed in with some dirt. And what do I say?
Can you believe that? Of course, I already knew the plant wasn't poisonous and I figure if he wants to eat dirt, that's his problem.

Today, I found some puke on Josie's bed, not a lot but some. So, I proceed to sniff each child until I find the culprit (Jeven, of course) and I seriously debated on whether or not to change his clothes!! There wasn't much vomit, and I was planning on giving him a bath after nap time.

But it got me thinking, have I gotten lazier or better at judging what is worth freaking out about?
We all know too many parents that have lost a baby, or doesn't have one they desperately want.
I like to think I am better at finding more important things to freak out about. Like blood. Or back talking.

BTW--I did change Jeven's shirt. I thought "I wouldn't want to sleep in a shirt with even a little puke on it".
See, I have matured.

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