Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No roots

Josie found a leaf outside the other day. It looked like a leaf from an ivy plant. She decided she wanted to grow it.
She proceeded to put the plant in an empty yogurt container, with some water. Then she decided to put it in a cooler. With soap. Then back to the yogurt container. And then changing the water every. two. minutes!
This meant coming in and out, in and out, thru the house, dripping water everywhere.
Being the patient mother I am (ha!) I just politely asked that she not come back in with her leaf.
She asked if she could put the container up on the kitchen counter, out of reach from her little brothers.

Now, you and I both know that leaf isn't planting roots any more than if I put a rock in there.
But, she was really IN to that leaf. And, kids do these kind of things.

That yogurt container sat on our kitchen counter for days. I worked around it. I left it right where she put it. That little leaf was just floating in there, happy as a little leaf could be.

Finally, I wanted to move it and picked it up, and looked at the little leaf and found out it was FAKE!! It was a leaf off my plastic plant I have out on the front porch!!

Poor Josie. I had to tell her it was fake and it was never going to grow. I expected tears and frankly for her to argue that it WAS real and it WOULD grow.
That's what Josie does. She will argue the sky is purple until you finally agree the sky is a lovely shade of purple.

She laughed and got a good kick out of her silliness. Actually, we both did.

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