Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's not mine!

We went to a birthday party a few days ago and one of the kids brought home one of those balloons with the rubber band attached. The big, thick ones? Yeah. One balloon--4 kids. Not a good ratio.

Today, I finally blew it up and gave it to Jarrett to play with. Here is how it went down:

Josie: Hey, that's mine!
Jarrett: No, it's mine!
Jayce: Josie, you gave it to me!
Jeven: Mine!!
Josie: That's not fair!
Jayce: Too bad!
Jarrett: Don't take my balloon!
Jeven: MINE!!!!!
Josie: Let me have it!

Now the broken, defeated, balloon is on the floor.

Me: Throw it away, please
Josie: It's not mine!
Jayce: It's not mine!
Jarrett: It's not mine!
Jeven: Not mine!


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