Monday, September 29, 2008


Phase One:
Newborn baby cries. You go into Baby's room and fix whatever problem; feed or change diaper. Put Baby back to bed

Phase Two: Baby cries and you go in to find Baby standing up in crib and not wanting to be laid back down. You beg and plead and pray "Baby, pleeessseee go back to sleep".

Phase Three: Toddler climbs out of crib and walks into living room where you are watching reruns of "the Office" and is sooo happy to see you! Feeling NOT mutual. Put Toddler back to bed. Again. And Again.

Phase Four: Toddler climbs out of crib in middle of night. You awake from your slumber only to find Toddler once again sooo happy to see you! Feeling oh so NOT mutual. Put Toddler back to bed and threaten him with evil doings if he gets up again.

Phase Five: Toddler climbs out of bed and is sitting on top of you before you realize that it is NOT Matthew McConaughey that is in bed with you. Darn it!
Take Toddler back to bed room and tell him if he values his life, he will not wake you again.

Last night, we entered Phase Five. Jeven was indeed on top of me saying " MOMMY! WAKE UP! CAN'T FIND BINKY!" I am not even sure how long he was on top of me! I took him back to his room, crawled around under the bed looking for binky, produced it and Jeven exclaimed, not in his inside voice mind you, "YOU FIND IT!".

I am looking forward to Phase 12. When the Teenager sleeps in every chance they get. Maybe then I'll catch up on my Matthew McConaughey dreams!

Disclaimer: I don't really dream about Matthew McConaughey. I just picked the hot male star of the moment. The point I was trying to make was that whatever I was dreaming at the time I was woken from my slumber was better than hunting for missing binky under childs bed.

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