Thursday, October 2, 2008


I know I am a little behind the times but we just recently started watching The Office. LOVE IT!!
We had heard it was a great show but honestly, we didn't want to have another show we HAD to watch. But, someone gave us a DVD of season 1 and we're hooked.

So, to quote my new favorite character, Dwight:
Question: Do you know just how far an entire roll of dental floss will unroll?

I do! It goes out of the bathroom, down the hall, under the recliner, around your brother's foot, (several times) and through the kitchen and under the kitchen table. Where you sit and wait for your mother to find you and freak out.

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  1. That's how I was with Desperate Housewives. I caught one of the shows toward the end of the 1st season and was HOOKED! During the fall and winter seasons since our workload lessens, we subscribe to netflix. So I was johnny on the spot to get the dvds as soon as they were released! Now I DVR the episodes and watch them Monday evenings aftr my kids are in bed :)~ Such a guilty pleasure!


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