Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fashion 101

I do not claim to be a fashion diva. Most days, it's jeans and a t-shirt, no makeup and hair up in a claw clip. Partly, because I don't have an extensive wardrobe and the other part really? Who do I have to impress?

But still. I do know that you can't wear (or shouldn't wear) big clunky white tennis shoes with a skirt. Or bright yellow pants with an orange sweatshirt. But my daughter? She finds all this not only acceptable but cutting edge.

Since she started school, I try to get her clothes laid out the night before. And I do try to let her pick out what she's going to wear. After all, if she's picked it out, there's a better chance she'll get dressed faster in the a.m.
But. WHAT. A. BATTLE! She always wants to wear a dress which would be fine if she had enough of a selection. But she wants to wear her Christmas "formal" dress. From 2 Christmases ago.

So, where do I draw the line at: her choice vs. I am the boss?

I guess I feel that how she is dressed is a reflection of me. Of how I take care of her. So when she goes to school wearing the turquoise skirt with the red tights and pink shirt, her teachers will wonder "Doesn't her mother care about her at all?"

And the answer will be: yes, I do care. I care enough to let my child make her own choices and reap her own rewards. Even if it is "worst dressed kindergartner" award.

But, then she may not win that award. Have you SEEN how some of those kids are dressed? Don't their mothers pay attention to them?

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  1. I have a daughter too and this is SO true! Very funny.


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