Thursday, August 26, 2010


I cross my heart, stick a needle in my eye, promise, this is my last post in where I whine about some physical ailment. At least for this week.  (And if you know me and my hatred for needles, you'll know that that is one serious promise.)

Seems I got bit by some sort of bug.  Mostly likely a mosquito or flea. Nothing exciting like a spider or wolverine.
But, I seem to swell up more than "normal".  A simple bug bite for me, makes my skin react quite severely.  A bee sting is horrible.  When people ask "Are you allergic to bee stings?"  I never know quite how to answer.  Yes, I swell up horribly and itch like a dog with mange. No, I don't have problems breathing or with blurry vision.  I'm just a wuss when it comes to bug bites.

I don't know if you can tell, in this picture (Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own arm? Your right arm? It's harder than you think.) but all that red is rock hard and warm.  It itches like crazy.  Right in the middle, there's where the nasty little bug bit me. 
No, it's not blood poisoning, there's nothing extra funky going on.  This is how I react with every. single. bug. bite. 
So annoying.  And, if I'm not careful and scratch it like I want to, it will leave a scar. 

I guess, when you're as sweet as I am, all the bugs just want a taste. ( :


  1. I think its' safe to say you are allergic to bug bites and stings. It's just not severe enough for anaphylactic shock. Thank God.

  2. Holy cow!
    Have you ever tried Benadryl cream on one of your bites?
    (haha... I typoed 'bits' there... I don't actually recommend Benadryl for your bits)

    Lyssa used to react like that to mosquitoes but seems to have outgrown it.

    Hope it's better now.

  3. Our oldest used to react like that to mosquito bites. It would look like someone sliced a softball in half and stuck it under her skin where she'd been bitten. Scary as all get out! She's outgrown it for the most part, but she drank a lot of Benadryl when she was little!

    The doctor said she was having a systemic reaction which could get worse over time, so we had to make sure we had Benadryl with us wherever we went. Do you take anything for your bites when you get them? Antihistamines help take the itch away...

    Poor thing. They look brutal!


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