Thursday, November 11, 2010

Real Estate

Josie:  Mom, why do rich people have so much stuff?

Me:  Cause they can afford it. If we were rich, you'd want lots of stuff too.

Jeven:  It wouldn't fit in our house!

Me:  If we were rich, we'd get a bigger house!

Jeven: Why don't we have a bigger house?

Me:  Because we're NOT rich.

Josie:  Jeven, houses cost lots and lots of money. Like, ten thousand dollars.

Jeven:  Well, me and Jarrett could give mom our pennies from our banks.

Josie:  No, houses cost dollars, not pennies. Mom?  When you buy a house, do you get the change back?

Awwww...the innocence of children. 


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