Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Birthday Interview

My oldest "baby" recently three weeks ago turned 12.

Twelve. That's pre-adolescent, in case you weren't aware.

That also makes me old. In case I wasn't aware. 

Although he is much too old and mature for baby-like interviews, I like to annoy him. So...without further ado here's Jayce's 12th birthday interview:

Mom:  You've been 12 for a little while now, how do you like it?

Jayce:  Good. I don't know, Mom. Why do I have to do this?

Mom: Because I said so. Now, what was your favorite part of your birthday?

Jayce:  Probably when I had my friends  over and we stayed up all night playing video games. 

Mom: Being a grown up is not that far in the future. What are your plans?  

Jayce: To not be homeless. 

Mom:  Okay...  

Jayce:  And, uh, to get out of the house as fast as possible. 

Mom:  You are the oldest of four children. What do you like the best? 

Jayce:  I can beat them up. 

Mom:  The least? 

Jayce:  That I get in trouble if I beat them up. 

Mom:  What was your favorite gift this birthday/Christmas?

Jayce:  The cash. Or the video game. Or the Wii was cool too. 

Mom:  Anything else you'd like the blog world to know?

Jayce:  No. Don't interview me again. Ever. 

There it is. Not very exciting but.... at least he stayed in the same room with me while I asked the questions. 

Jayce is a great young man. His father and I are very proud.  We look forward to seeing the fine young man he is sure to become.  


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  1. Awww. My oldest is about to have a baby any day now so talk about feeling OLD!

    I love the look on your son's face in the photo almost like he is enduring the humiliation of a photo just to make you happy. Kids!


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