Thursday, August 4, 2011


That's  how many days of "summer" we have left. 

I say "summer" because here in Oregon, the weather hasn't been very summery.  We will get a few days of really warm weather, then a few days of over cast, cool skies.  And even some rain.

As much as I hate to be hot and sweaty, I do feel a little cheated. 

Because, so far, our summer has pretty much sucked. 

We haven't done anything super fun. I don't have a great tan. We didn't win the lottery. 

My "to do" list I started before school was out in June doesn't have much crossed off.

So, here we are, with 34 days remaining.  We are going to try and cram as much in to these 34 days as possible.

We are done being sickly.  I am feeling somewhat better.  Largely due to my inlaws, they kept the kids for 2 whole days and I was home. Alone.  And, although I didn't get as much accomplished as I hoped, by the time the kids came home, I was feeling refreshed and renewed. Does wonders.
Still "exploring" some things and trying to learn why I was feeling the way I was, and trying to prevent it from happening again.

Jayce left for camp for 5 days. In another state. First time for both of us, him being so far away from home, for so long. With no way to contact him. Unless it's an emergency.  I don't think the counselors would consider me wanting to yell at him because he left his dirty clothes on the floor (AGAIN!!) an emergency.
He will be home tomorrow and I can't wait to hear all about it. 

In the past, I've written, somewhat vaguely about my husband's job and how it makes him feel.  Lately, it's become more apparent that he needs to be doing something different. But what? These days, a job with comparable pay and benefits is hard to come by. 
We did have an interesting offer last week. But, the cons certainly outweigh the pros of said offer. I'm thinking he will turn it down but he hasn't made the official call yet.

We are still hoping to make it to the aquarium. We are hoping to go camping again. My husband and Jayce will be going to Wyoming to go hunting with my brother. 

All things we are looking forward to.

And, there are only 142 more days until Christmas. You're welcome.


  1. Damn. 142 days you say? I need to get started on my list.

    (The kids started theirs last week)

  2. We have less than a month until school starts! And I'll trade you Texas weather for yours! Really, I'll pay you.

  3. August is pretty much the last month of summer here too. It starts to get much cooler in September. We've had a nice summer but haven't done much either, I'm some what limited ;) Hoping for a great fall and a better summer next year ;)


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