Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rainy Day Letters

In typical Oregon manner, it was pleasantly spring like and gave us all hope for a forthcoming summer.  For approximately 4 days.

Now, we are back to the rain and dreariness that has been with us for approximately, oh, forever. 

I would wager all my fortune, currently $47, to say that Oregonians have to be the most depressed people on the planet.

I know the rain and darkness have sunk me to an all time low on the depression scale. 

Even my children have been affected. They are whiny, impatient and quick to fight with anyone that looks at them cross-eyed (this last one I know for a fact as one child did look cross-eyed at another child and after that, it. was. ON!) . 

It doesn't help that we are a six person family (8 if you count the ever growing dog) in a 3 bedroom, less that 1000 sq. foot home. My children NEED to go outside for the love of all things holy!!!

Jeven, who, I have to say, is the laziest 6 yr old  I know, and even if he does indeed venture outside, will most likely sit and wonder how long until mom will let him back in, has had enough!

I found this taped to the sliding glass door this afternoon:

It reads:  "Please stop raining and hailing. God please."

Yes, God, please.

For all our sakes.


  1. That is so damn cute. It really is.
    And I don't like the gray dreary, but I hate the heat, too. So I try hard to appreciate the chill, because I know I'll be hating the hot weather too soon.

    Hang in there... since it's Oregon, the weather will change. Sometimes every 15 minutes.

  2. That is hysterical.

    But I hear ya on the rain. We have three days on and three days off. Three days for me to discover the roof is leaking...again... three days for me to hear the kids whine about having to play outside nicely together.


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