Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free "Medical" Advice

Do not, ever, do the following:
  • scratch your back, mindlessly, with the writing end of a ball point pen 
  • later, you might,while taking a peek at your new haircut, notice horrendous blue "veins" running up and down your upper back. 
  • you might scream out "Holy Crap! What is wrong with me?  I have a disease. Kids?  Come here! Look at this!!  Is it horrible?  I must google this!!!" or something to that affect. 
  • after about 20 min. of looking online and looking in the mirror again you might remember the back scratcher pen.
  • you will feel like an idiot.


  1. You didn't do that, right? you just... read about it online. Right?

  2. Bwahahahaha! I wonder what disease WebMD would come up with when "ink marks by balpoint pen" are the symptoms... I'm sure you'd be admitted into the hospital and given a dismal outlook for a future with those kind of intense symptoms. Haha!

  3. HAHAHAHAA! Sorry. I should not laugh since I am sure you were terrified for a little while. I sometimes forget about my tattoo on the back of my shoulder and when I see it in the mirror it makes me go, "OH!" Then I remember I have a tattoo and it is not a large BUG or something.


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