Thursday, September 6, 2012

Walking Close and Other Randomness

First day of school has come and gone. Again.

I have the oldest two at home, with me, and the younger two go to elementary school. 1st and 2nd grades.  I really contemplated keeping at least Jarrett home this year. But, with me working, even part-time, I was afraid I wouldn't do his eager little mind justice. Then, when we found out who his teacher was, I was SO happy! She is awesome! And, Jeven has the same teacher Jarrett had last year, who is also very awesome. (See, I'm not so stuck on homeschooling that I can't appreciate how hard public school teachers work and how great they can be. Just throwin' that out there.)

I only got one less embarrassing decent picture this morning, of the two going to school.

 Jeven was very adamant that I NOT take pictures at the school, nor kiss him in the school. Which, sadly, is a first for me. My kids have always been okay (at least they allowed it) with kisses and hugs in public. I was surprised that this was an issue this morning, and to be honest, it did make me sad. But, I did want to respect his wishes so I put the camera away, gave a kiss at the car and we walked into the school.

As we walked down the hallway to Jeven's classroom, I noticed he was walking close to me. At first, I thought he was not paying attention and just brushing up against me. Soon, I realized he was doing it on purpose.

Soon, a little, sweaty palm was reaching for my hand.  I grasped it and held back the tears and walked him into his class. Where I got a hug (still no kiss) and a last glimpse at my "baby" (who also happens to have his first loose tooth. Jeven, you're killing me!!)  who would not be home with me again until 3 p.m.! 

But, as much as I missed the little boys, homeschooling was SO much simpler without the distractions.  So, there is hope for my sanity after all. 

We are trying something new here, to try and get a handle on the bickering, name calling and just plain mean-ness that seems to take up every. waking. second. of my day!!

Each child gets a jar, with set amount of candy in it. Each time they provoke, react in anger or are just mean to another person, they get a piece taken away. However, when they are observed being patient, kind and loving, especially in a trying situation, they will get a piece added. At the end of the week, they can eat whatever is in their jar. 

My kids seem to do better with "visual" reward system. Taking away privileges, time outs, strangling them, or any other punishment doesn't work. Or, hasn't, Lord knows. 

So, we will try this. It could be huge success (Yes, please!) or a huge flop.  I could be a mother genius or mother moron. But, it's sure as heck worth a shot, no? 

In closing, I will give you a picture of my kids on a fake, large fish. Because, who doesn't love that?


  1. I was following along, nodding and agreeing in all the right places, sympathizing and all... then we got to the end and all I can think of is how did that giant fish get into your yard?

  2. Love the jar system. :) I'd do it here but that would just mean more dental bills... and since we don't have dental insurance....

    And Ami, it's all about the bait. The spinners are best (or so I'm told by Oldest) and you need to use the right test line...

  3. Ami--I only wish our yard was that nice! I'd even take the giant fake fish if it meant it was mowed that well.

    Juli--So far, I don't think cavities are something I need to worry about.

  4. I've been crazy busy but now that the baby has arrived I think everything just MAY slow down a bit.

    The giant fish is awesome! Never saw that before. :)

    First day of school photos are always fun. Ha! SOMEONE does not look happy there. It's funny that he doesn't want public hugs. I get it though. It's also wonderful that you like both teachers. That makes all the difference.


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