Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Curtain Rods and Toilet Seats

My house isn't perfect. Shocking, I know.

It is so beyond perfect, I sometimes get embarrassed.

But, then, I look around at my friend's houses and they aren't perfect either.

I'm not just talking about housekeeping skills.

I mean, things that are in need of repair and are just "off".  It's a never ending list.

Some things, we get fixed right away--leaking faucet, clogged toilet, new batteries in the Wii remote. The important things.

Some things, we put on the list and that's as far as we go with it. Money and time are a huge factor. But, then, you just sort of get used to the thing being broken or "off".  

For example, if you were to come to my house, you would notice our t.v. seldom gets turned off. Not because we are addicts and watch it 24/7. But, because, if you turn it off, it's not guaranteed it will turn back on. It's been like this for years. Years.  (you can actually read about it here. But it's pretty boring. Basically, we got an insurance check and spent it on xmas presents. Yeah. But, really? You get a $800 check on Dec. 1st, what would you do?). 

In an effort to use less electricity, we will sometimes turn off the t.v. So, in the mornings, conversations like this happens:
Mom, can we watch Power Rangers?
Sure, if the t.v. is working.
Magical, magical, magical (the kids' chant that they swear works every time)

Totally normal, right?

Also, we put on a new bathroom door, oh, two years ago.  And, my husband ran out of trim to go around the door. Yes, two years ago. So, we have a bathroom door, but no trim. That means that there is a itty-bitty, tiny gap that someone, if they were so inclined, could use to spy on you while you tinkle.  But, in a house with 4 children that never happens.

Totally normal, right?

It's our normal but not other peoples. They have their own normal at their own house.

Just like it's our normal to have bent curtain rods in the kids' bedrooms. Yes, I've replaced them. Numerous times but somehow they end up bent. Not one child has ever swung by the curtains, or so I've been told.

Just like it's our normal to have a toilet seat that moves when you sit on it (we have lots of issues with our bathroom, apparently.). Yes, we've replaced those as well. A many number of times. But, somehow, they seem to manage to get all cattywampass. And not one child has ever practiced their Spiderman leap off the toilet into the bathtub, or so I've been told.

What is your normal that not might be another person's normal?


  1. I actually have friends that I visit to make me feel better about my house keeping skills and honey do list.

    Well, in truth I visit because I like them. But the house thing helps. :) And is chattywampass a word? Because it really should be...

  2. Ohmygoodness, our list is so big it would take up all the room on the interwebs, I kid you not.

    We don't have doors that lock (anywhere in the house - our to the outside - no joke). We have had 5 couches and 4 recliners in a not-huge space (for the past few MONTHS) because we haven't had any bites on Craigslist (if you need a place to sit, come on over...and we'll give you a whole couch to take home). We have *bright* orange countertops, because apparently that's what was in style in the early 70s. The door to our bedroom (in our parent's house!) doesn't shut (and somehow we still managed to get pregnant on accident). We painted the front door orange (were going for red, but it's most definitely NOT red and just never repainted it the right color) - but at least it matches the countertops now.

    I could go on and on, but I won't bore you. I'm just trying to say if you want to feel better about your place come on over! ;)

  3. Normal? what does that mean? we are happy, that's better than normal!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    when people call and say, Oh my goodness! what is happening at your house? all that noise! Is everything ok? I say, what noise?


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