Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lesson Learned (With a Hefty Price)

A while ago, I thought I'd be a cool mom and take all my children to the mall, more specifically to Juicy Berry, which is a self serve frozen yogurt cafe. 

All different kinds of tasty frozen yogurts, all different toppings. The combinations are endless!!

But, I only had $20.  Plenty of money to get us all a treat, no?

I forgot I had a 13 year old garbage disposal boy with us.

As I kept Jarrett and Jeven from sampling every single flavor and thus dispensing frozen yogurt onto the floor, and kept an eye on Josie, making sure she didn't get Latte flavored (knowing she'd hate it and most likely cry the whole entire time and knowing I'd probably give in and give her mine then I'd be out of a treat and that would just suck), I totally didn't keep an eye on the oldest.

I have been to this cafe previously and the most I ever spent was $7.

That day?
Take out the girls, add in a 13 yr. old boy, add about 3 times the toppings. 

We sat at that cafe a REALLY long time as Jayce was eating every single bite of that yogurt. I didn't  care how frozen his brain was. 

I'd better take note of these little lessons as I have 2 more boys that will be teenagers before I know it!! Good thing Juicy Berry has a punch card. ( :


  1. I laughed but then realized that I have three boys, too... And honestly it scares the crap out of my wallet.

  2. I am done in EVERY time we go out for ice cream. Heck, I am done in any time we go any where. McDonald's cost us upwards of $40...


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