Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Show Boatin'

This summer has been more on the sucky side than the sunny side. But, such is life.

We are just cruisin' along, trying to enjoy some fun, when we can.

My oldest left for a week, to camp. The house is quiet without him but yet....there is more food for the rest of us. ( :

Here are a few pictures because my kids ARE cute and you NEED to see them!

Jarrett catching some air on the trampoline!

Luther, 7 months.

Josie, doing the trampoline/sprinkler combo the only way she knows how. Diva style. 

We were lucky enough today, to go out on my dad's boat!  It was wonderful!  I forget how much I love to be on the water. My husband took a wonderful picture of me doing a canon ball off the boat but..you will not see it here! 

Josie enjoying the ride.

Jeven. Notice the purple marker on his face?  ( :

Jarrett, catching some more air, as he jumps off the boat.

I love this picture! That's my dad, helping Josie drive the boat.  Her longs are so long! She is growing up so fast!

Here's to hoping the rest of our summer is sunny and not sucky!


  1. FUN!!!

    We have GOT to get our girls together - I have a feeling they'd get along so great (see: diva picture AKA could-have-been-my-child). We live too close not to!

  2. We are also cramming every bit we can into what's left of the summer. Wednesday was four hours of bike riding on Martha's Vineyard. The week before was the water park and canoeing in the ocean. Next week is supposed to be the amusement park... but I may just send them to camp and go to dinner with Tony instead. :)


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