Friday, April 5, 2013

Ack With a Thousand Exclamation Points

April? How did we get here already? And, not even the teensiest part of April, but, the first week is almost crossed off. Time truly does fly when you're...

I'm not sure how to finish that above sentence, really.

Having fun? Certainly we've been having our fair share of that. Road trips where the kids argued and Jeven constantly tried to tell a knock-knock joke. When I finally had had enough and blew a gasket and yelled for everyone to hush up, it was silent for approximately 12 seconds. Then, a quiet voice from the back of the van, "Mom? Knock-knock?"

Busy? Duh. Certainly we've been busy beyond "normal". School. Church. Work. My brother and his family were here for Spring Break and I managed a few days off and we spent some time with them. (That should probably go in the "fun" category). My brother has found a woman that truly makes him happy and it was a pleasure to be around her and her kids. If you knew anything about my brother's past, you would perhaps appreciate that fact a little more.
But, being busy with everyday stuff definitely makes time fly by.

I've missed blogging and connecting with people here. I have gotten so excited to get an email that says " so and so has left a new comment on your post" only to be angry when it turned out to be from some stupid anonymous spammer.

I am hoping that I can get back to regular posting soon. My husband went back to work (yay!!) this week so I will be cutting back my hours (yay!! yay!!) giving me just oodles of free time (eye roll) to blog.

At least before Christmas rolls around. I hope.


  1. Well, you'll be happy to know I am not a spammer. :) I was wondering what happened to you... although things around here have been crazy too. I have all my A-Z posts done and pre scheduled, so I find I have to sit down and really have time to read to catch up.

    And when I'm not reading blogs, working FT, cleaning the house, running one to boy scouts, the other to friend's house, and catering to Tony's every whim, I am supposed to be walking/running to prepare for my first 10K in MAy and my 60 mile breast cancer walk in July.


    Seriously not enough time in the day.

  2. I've been blogging about as much as you, only I don't have near the excuses that you have (at least not near as valid)!

    I do hope you're back more often - I miss reading here! :)

    Yay for the Judd's job, yay for your work hours being cut, yay for Luke, and yay for knock-knock jokes! ;)


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