Monday, April 8, 2013

Indecent Proposal

There is an unwritten, unspoken rule that says a man can reach a certain age and us woman will find it adorable when they flirt with us. And our husbands will find it harmless.

A 60 yr. old man saying "Hi, beautiful." seems inappropriate but, add 20 yrs to that and it's considered "spunky".

At my place of employment, we not only have "old" people but we also have a few men and women that aren't that old and are only living there because they can no longer take care of themselves fully. Such as stroke and vehicle accident sufferers.
One lady is actually younger than my parents. Her 16 yr. old son comes by and visits after school or basketball practice.
Another man suffered a stroke and he is not much past 50. He has flirted and I do find it creepy and it makes me uncomfortable. To the point that I make sure I don't stand too close to him lest he touch me.

But, then there is another man, in his 80s, that calls all us girls "Babe" and has made comments that would make a sailor blush.

Then, then there is "Cowboy". An 85+ man that travels around on a motorized wheelchair. He wears a cowboy hat, always, with cowboy boots and if he's not smoking a cigar, he at least has one in his mouth. When I pass him in the hall, he always greets me with " Hi young-un." or "Whoo-wee! Looking pretty today!". Totally classy, right?

One evening, before dinner, another aide and I were in the dining room when Cowboy comes up and poured himself a cup of coffee. Now, this other aide is 19, super skinny. She also has a nose ring and burgundy hair. To these old people, she is preposterous in her appearance.

Cowboy turns to me and says "Hiya pretty lady."
Me: Hi! (blush, giggle)
Cowboy: You know, back in my room, I have a marriage license. It has 4 spaces on it for wives and I still have room for two more. What do you say?"
Me: Well, I say sure thing except for I'm already married.
Cowboy: Do you think he'd mind if I stole you from him?
Me: Probably not so much. But, I also have four kids. They'd have to come, too.
Cowboy: Four!! I don't know 'bout that. **turns to other aide** Hiya pretty lady. I got a marriage license....

So, in less than a minute, I was proposed to and then dumped.

And, it was adorable.

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  1. We have a couple that comes to the window. He flirts, she rolls her eyes and adds a spunky comment. The other day his wife came in looking for him. He was supposed to meet her there. So we call the house to see where he is...

    "Hi! *Jane* is here, she's looking for you"
    "She's there at the Post office?"
    "Well, can you mail her back to me?"

    God I love them. :)


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