Friday, March 7, 2014

A Death Scare Can Certainly Motivate Ya

I've suffered from migraines most of my life.

The worst was in my early 20s. I went to the ER a couple different times until I finally got a prescription for meds.

But, after I started having children, they became a tad more predictable. I could "feel" them coming on so I could take meds to head them off. I knew what my triggers were.  And, certainly keeping an eye on when my cycle was due helped. PMS migraines are the worst!!

Now that I have the IUD, it's a little tougher to predict when I will be struck down. I don't have a cycle so I don't pay much attention to the dates on the calendar. (for those reasons, of course I look at the calendar.)
While the migraines are fewer and further between, they certainly strike me down. Hard. And, while the actual headache is bad, the recovery seems to be so slow. I feel "foggy" for several days after.

This past weekend, I was hit heavily with a whopper of a migraine. Lights were twirling, rooms were spinning, food was being upchucked. It was bad.

And, it seems, while the migraines are less often, when I do have one, they are literally the worst one I've ever had.

I had a family friend die of an aneurism. My own grandfather died of one when I was 6. Another family friend had one but they caught that one in time.

I get a tad freaked out when I have a headache as bad as the one I just had.  I think "Am I going to die? Is there some other medical anomaly happening here?"

My mind is already doing weird stuff, during a migraine. But, add the fear of death and it is out of control.

My first thought, as I lay there thinking if I went to sleep, I might not wake up, was of my oven.

Not my children. Not my husband. But, my oven.

Not because I love to use it so much that I can't stand the thought of never being able to bake again

But, because I haven't cleaned it in approximately forever.

I also thought of the over flowing bag of clothes that is meant to be donated to Goodwill.
And of the dust bunnies under our bed.
The fact that my shower curtain liner needs to be replaced.

Because,if I truly did not wake up from my migraine forced nap (I love me a good nap. Just not one forced upon me by pain.) you know there'd be people coming into my house. And you know the first place they'd look would be the oven. And the shower.

Spoiler alert: I woke up. Migraine free.

Now, you'd think the first thing I did was clean my oven.

You'd be wrong.

The fact that I lived to see another day deserved to be celebrated!! So, we went for ice cream instead.

Life is short!


  1. LOL! I think about things like that when I'm sick, too, and then I go into a panic and try to clean everything in my exhaustion, which of course works as well as cleaning a toilet bowl with a q-tip.

    I'm sorry you have such horrid migraines. :( My sister has had them her entire life, and the first one she remembers well was when she was only 3. She thought she'd been really bad and was being punished somehow. :( Seven years ago, she had a stroke. Thankfully, she got to the hospital very quickly, and they were able to reverse any damage, but the stroke was caused by a PFO, which also caused the migraines! A PFO is a small hole in the heart that allows unfiltered or unclean blood to circulate in the brain and is apparently the cause of a large percentage of migraines. Because it hasn't been cleaned, the blood contains small particles, which can block arteries and cause strokes. She had no idea she had the PFO until she had the stroke, but she has gotten treatment for it, although I'm not sure what the treatment is.

    I thought I'd mention it, not to scare you, but so you can maybe discuss it with your doctor. if you didn't already know about it. I can't seem to not mention it when someone says they have migraines. I guess I would like someone to say something to me, if I had them. You know?

    So sorry that you're plagued by them. I know they make a person absolutely miserable. {{{{hugs}}}

  2. Trust me... they will look (not unlike how everyone looks into your medicine cabinet when they use the bathroom) but they will be so preoccupied by, oh I don't know, your DEATH, they won't care if you're oven's clean... and if they do, maybe they will clean it for you. See? Problem solved. :)


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