Friday, February 28, 2014


Disclaimer: This is another one of those posts. If you know me in real life, you are not allowed to bring this up, to my face. Ever.

For the last few years, our church has had a Valentine's dinner. A night out, to a nicer than normal restaurant, married couples only, no children, dinner.  And, after the dinner, the pastor gives us a Marriage Challenge.

If you are like me, your first thought is "Marriage is enough of a challenge, I don't need an official gameboard."

But, hear me out. It's a month of different activities, designed to bring you closer together as a couple. Some of the activities are really lame. Like "repeat your wedding vows" (that one was removed this year,everyone agreed it was lame) or "10 min foot rubs" (both my husband and I don't like to have our feet touched so we substituted something else).

Some are really simple. Bring home flowers. Make his favorite dessert. 30 min of doing whatever he wants.

We've never been able to finish out the whole month. Something always comes up and derails us. But, it's fun trying and the sentiment behind it is important.

Now, on to the embarrassing part. (you didn't even read the first part, did you? Just skipped down to here, huh?)

Some of the activities are to happen in the bedroom. Or, other places. "Remote night" is not referring to the t.v. remote.  "Naughty Poem" night. Self explanatory. No. I will not publish my poem.

The other night was "Surprise Him" night.

Now, we have 4 children. Three of them go to bed pretty early in the evening. The 15 year old stays up late. So, if we want know...we lock the door. Duh. And hope his headphones he's wearing playing Xbox work.

The other night, "Surprise" night, we had had some depressing news. We both were just down and tired and feeling very defeated.

As we got in to bed, Judd asked what the day's challenge was. I told him "I'm suppose to surprise you in bed. But, really, I'm not into it tonight. How about the fact that I'm willing is a surprise???"
He was game. Duh.

We were enjoying our quality time when we heard quite a ruckus outside our bedroom window. Some sort of vehicle noise. We didn't really think too much of it. Until, Jayce knocked on our bedroom door.

We both stop..moving. Listen. Did we just hear a knock?? Maybe if we don't move again, at all, he will go away? 

Jayce :  "Dad? Mom?' 

Judd: looks at me, clears his throat, tries to sound as normal as possible,  "Yes?"

Jayce:  "Somebody just drove up into our yard, up in the grass and over the reflectors at the driveway! And, he drove off and is dragging his bumper down the road! Sparks are flying every where! And, the cops are right behind him!!"

Me (whispering to my husband) "SURPRISE!!!"

Who says you can't still be surprised, even after 20 years together? ( :


  1. Bahahaha! Way to pull off surprise night! LOL!

  2. You know... most women would just fake a headache instead of paying off some guy to destroy his truck and cause a ruckus so they could just get some sleep instead. :)

  3. I just read this to Jeff and! Thanks for the laughs! :)

    1. Judd and I cannot look at those bent reflectors without remembering "Surprise Night!". We may never fix them. :)

  4. I'd really like to read your poem.


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