Friday, May 16, 2014

Let's See If I Can Remember... to write a blog post.

It's been awhile, folks, and, I wish I could give you all sorts of news but in reality, life is just moving right along.

Currently, we are all anxiously awaiting the end of school.  Parts of me are SO ready for schedules to become more relaxed and have more free time. Parts of me is dreading not having a schedule and too much free time.
We live in a cul-de-sac. There are two other households with children. And, I'd like to say that the kids just all play so nice together and everything is bliss. But, the other households don't run things the same way we do. Not even close. What those kids are allowed to watch, listen to, and even how they are allowed to treat other people is not something I can look past. So, we've had to reclaim the freedom we gave our kids and now they are limited to playing only with each other, and ignoring the kids in the neighborhood.  Boredom is going to be my worst enemy this summer. 

I've made some life style changes over the last 2 months. And, while the weight hasn't magically melted off, I'm starting to reap the rewards. I actually started jogging and was liking it. And, finally got to the point where I didn't feel like I was going to vomit on the sidewalk when my knee protested.
Yes, I started slow. I'm not talking about jogging miles here. More of a mixture of jogging/walking/heavy panting. But, I still ended up taking 2 weeks off of exercising and I was really bummed. And, sincerely. Not, "I will say I'm bummed because that sounds so healthy but secretly I'm enjoying the excuse that I do not have to move off the couch today" but really upset that I couldn't earn the extra calories I need to get my buttered popcorn when I watch reruns of "House". 
But, I think I can safely try again and concentrate of my form and stretching.
Turns out, I'm not 16 anymore. Or 26.  Or even 36. Gawd!!

My Grandma is back in her house. She is doing extremely well, much to my relief. Some updates were done to her house while she was gone and she is currently puttering around, making piles of stuff to get rid of, which is a huge accomplishment. I will be helping her with a garage sale next month.

My baby turns 8 next week. Another baby is down today with a sore throat.  My baby girl got her braces on and wants to know when she can start wearing makeup. My first baby spends most of his days out of the house, working in his lawn care job, saving for a truck. I'm deathly afraid he will indeed earn enough money to buy a truck and pay for his insurance and will continue to act responsibly so I will have no good answer as to why he cannot get his driver's license in December.  It's so hard to be proud and to let go at the same time.

Tomorrow, my husband and I will celebrate 17 years of marriage!!  Some days, it's flown by. Others? Not so much. ( :

There. It seems I do remember how to write a post, just sorry it wasn't more interesting.
But, summer is coming! Lots of potential for injuries, fake bbqs and opportunities to sleep in.
Ya just never know.

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  1. Awe... happy anniversary!! And yeah on the running!! I wish I could get back in... I have gotten to walking... and some days are better than others... baby steps I guess.

    And if we're being honest here, I ran for the peanut M & Ms. :)


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