Sunday, July 13, 2014

Post of Pictures

Summer is cooking right along. Here we are mid-July already, back to school ads in the paper this morning. Why do the days have to just fly??

Here's some photos of what's been happening.

Rock Springs, Wyoming. I went for 6 days, just myself and my folks. To see my brother get married!

This is my little brother, Lucas. Incase you cannot tell, he is smiling.  Which has been a rare occurrence, up until the last couple of years.

The reason my brother smiles way more these days.  He finally married Shelly. That is my father, standing up with Luke. And Shelly's friend, Jackie, standing up with her. They got married in their back yard. **Tangent** I'm a Bible believing Christian, but what kind of jack-A pastor would cancel on a couple two weeks before their wedding because the groom hasn't done something that most Christians haven't done? Ever? (for more info, you can ask in the comments)

Luke and Shelly with all of their children, Luke's two and her two. Oh, and the puppy, Trigger.

I came home to my very own fire pit in my very own backyard!!

Jeven's first fish of the summer!
Jarrett and Josie hate campfire smoke in their eyes. Their solution.

Judd helping Jeven fly his kite!
Kids are growing up. If you notice, no pictures included my oldest, Jayce. He's hardly ever home these days. Although, one major happening of the summer, a life changing one (seriously) included him. I hope to blog about it soon. (Cliff hanger, anyone?) 

Keep cool, everyone!!


  1. So tell me what happened with the pastor?
    And it's nice to 'hear' from you, too. Been wondering what you're up to. :)

  2. Me too.. what happened? Side note: Apparently, it's every religion... my sister's priest was "promoted" to a church in EUROPE 2 weeks before her wedding... he was her husband to be's childhood priest and their family was VERY active in the church, and then poof! without any warning or offer of replacement he was gone. Suspiciously right around the time of the BIG scandal with the Catholic church... no one's heard from him since and they won't say where he went.

    Loving the fire pit!! I continue to put building mine off...

  3. Here is a message I wrote another commenter. Instead of typing it all out again, I just copy and pasted it here:

    Ok, my brother's pastor. First, I hope you know that I'm one of those rare Christians that believe that all people deserve love and respect. Yes, according to the Bible, some things that people do are sins. But, according to this same Bible, God commands us to love one another. So, when I say something is "wrong", I'm speaking from a Biblical point of view, not a judgy preachy point of view.

    Luke and Shelly were all set to get married at Shelly's family's church, the same church that held the funeral for Shelly's dad not even three months ago. Two weeks before the wedding, the pastor told them he could not marry them. He had made a vow to himself, and to God, that he would not marry unequally yoked couples. My first thought was he was upset because Luke and Shelly were living together, which Biblically speaking, is a sin. But, turns out he felt that Luke (who was saved and baptized many years ago) was NOT filled with the "Holy Ghost" and the fact that Luke has not spoken in tongues made him unequally yoked with Shelly. (I know you have Bible knowledge so I'm thinking you have heard the term "unequally yoked". I can clarify if you need reference)

    This pastor obviously doesn't read or study his Bible, for if he did he would know what "speaking in tongues" means! It doesn't mean flopping around, mumbling jibberish. In the book of Acts, when Jesus was speaking to the multitudes, it says he spoke and the people HEARD in their tongues. It would be like if you spoke in English, but, I HEARD in Spanish and understood it.

    Regardless of anyone's religious thoughts, I think canceling on a couple, when the bride is already emotionally drained from having to say goodbye to her father, two weeks before the wedding is super douchey. I told them they were better off. The judge that came to the house, only charging them a case of beer, (the other guy was going to charge them $200 and they belong to his church!) was perfect and the wedding was super sweet and fun, just the way it should've been.

    It upsets me that this guy is leading others and brainwashing people into thinking you have to be a certain way and behave a certain way to be right with God. He makes us rare Christians look bad!

    Rant over

  4. See, and you said "super douchey" and yet... clearly since you are ale to speak in tongues, I understood what you meant. :) My SIL's church refused to marry them in the church, but rather the chapel behind the church, because they were living together already. They found a new church to raise their kids in. :) Crazy.

    Course, what do I know? I was married outside the church, making my kids illegitimate according to them, then divorced (unrecognized by the church) and then REMARRIED a divorced man (also unrecognized)... outside of the church, which again... isn't recognized.

    I may be going to hell, but I'm having a fun time while I'm here. :)


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