Sunday, November 23, 2014

Duck Tape DOES Fix Everything

I live in a house with lots of testosterone. One husband, three sons. Even the dog is a male.

I have my one and only girl. I'm very thankful that I have just the one. Partly, because it makes her that much more special.
And, partly, because OH MY GOD THE DRAMA!! Always the drama. 

All my gray hairs?? Yup. They are from her.

She is a funny, bright, caring and incredible young lady. But. Have I mentioned the drama? 

It's quite odd. Just yesterday, she was toddling around, getting into everything
Now, she's stomping around, getting into everything. 

Some time ago, we had "the talk". She asked lots of questions but didn't seem too concerned about what was just around the corner for her.

I've suspected it was coming, sooner rather than later, by her highs and lows, (AKA as The Drama) and her unpredictability.

Low and behold, I was awakened one Friday morning, by my daughter, calling from the bathroom. She wasn't panicking,(like I said, we had had "the talk") just wanted me to know and verify what she had used from the cupboard was correct.

Later, she was adamant that I NOT tell anyone. She was horrified that her father was already in the know. But, I was NOT to tell a single soul.

So, of course, I texted my mother. (And, now I'm blogging about it. Worst. Mother. EVER!!)
Who sent back a reply that she was crying.
I rolled my eyes and replied back "Stop crying. She's fine. She was prepared"

Now, I soon realized my "supplies" were not suitable for Josie (my heavy duty overnight pads left over from when I had all my issues) so off to Walmart we go.

They have an entire wall of "supplies". All different colors. Sizes. Brands.
As we stood there, trying to decide, Josie having a definite opinion about each box, I found myself getting a little emotional.
I looked at her.
When did she grow up?
This? This is changing everything.

I started to tear up.
But, Josie really did not want a big deal made of it. She'd told me that repeatedly. 

We finally decided that the Teen Pads were appriopriate (And a one time splurge as really? Paying extra for a glittery box is not the norm.)

We start walking thru the store, with my daughter's first box of maxi pads in the cart. I started to cry. Talk about drama.
But, I was careful not to let Josie see.
It was business as usual, as I pushed the cart. Inside my head, I was telling myself, "Your little girl is gone. Forever. She will now be a hormonal woman, with lots issues all her own."


Yeah. I quickly threw 3 rolls into the cart, suddenly feeling much better. Perhaps my little girl was still here.

Duck tape. Fixes all sorts of things!


  1. Such a bittersweet post. That transition is so.. mind blowing. That little baby girl isn't a baby and is now not a girl either... woman instead.

    I bought Alyssa a watch. It was a beautiful thing, although not very expensive. Her growing up years, just like mine, were characterized by too much month at the end of the money. And we went out for a Goodwill shopping trip and lunch. I presented her with the watch in the car in the parking lot at Goodwill.
    "Because of all the time that is just flying by. And because I am loving WATCHing you grow." We hugged. I added, "Welcome to womanhood." (I refrained from adding, 'I am so sorry.')

    As I said, the watch was inexpensive. It no longer works. But when she left home, it was one of the things she chose to take with her.

  2. Nooooooooo! We've had "the talk" and Natalie is as prepared as any 12 year old can think they are, but still nooooooooo.

    {I need to find lots of duct tape. Maybe it will help us too. I'm obviously not as prepared emotionally as you are for this.}

  3. My son is 14. We have had MANY talks... and yet... he still wants me to tuck him in at night.

    I'll take it as long as I can get it.

    (But I'd be lying if I didn't say I wanted to duct tape his mouth shut more than once.)

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