Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hey! (The Post That Contains Lots Of Fun Things In Parentheses)

I know. Clever title, huh?  (But you clicked on it so it's fulfilled it's purpose. )

Last time I posted, we were still in the heat of summer. Now, it's scarves and gloves and frozen mud puddles.

School is in full swing.  Jarrett and Jeven go to 4th and 3rd grades. Jarrett has a male teacher for the first time. I think the term "Hero Worship" defines their relationship perfectly.
Jarrett talks about him constantly. At teacher conferences a few weeks ago, I was told Jarrett is doing awesome and this teacher thinks highly of him as well.
Jeven is doing well, too, although it doesn't come as easy for him as it does Jarrett. But, his teacher is wonderful and patient. She "knows" my child and had wonderful things to say about him. And, apparently, Jarrett's current teacher has talked to her and he very much wants Jeven in his class next year.

Jayce is a sophomore in the virtual school. Doing well. Has most of his work done by noon. "A"s and one "B" (in per-calculus, of all things).
Josie is in 6th grade and while she's doing much more work independently, she still occupies a huge chunk of my time. (one reason the boys still go to school). Which, currently, I don't have alot to spare.

I started working at Harry and David this month. I've done it before but this year, I've been training for different positions. 71 hours of training they are giving me!! For a job that lasts 2 months!! And, the pay is only .25 LESS than what I make at the assisted living!( You can read that as I'm making lots of money with Harry and David. Or, you can read it as I'm way underpaid at the assisted living. Which do you think is more accurate?) It is the only way we will have any $$ for xmas. So, while it's time consuming now, I'm thankful for it.

So, I will work there starting at 5 or 6a.m., work 5-6 hours then go to the assisted living and work 2pm-10pm. On Mondays and Tuesdays.  On the other days, I'll just come home and do the "Housewife Thing". Oh, except for Thursdays when I watch Jack, an 18 month old little guy that needed a daycare place.
Needless to say, I've had to print up a very large calendar and write, very plainly, "WHERE MOM IS" so the kids (and my husband!) know what job is happening what day and for how long. 

It's nuts around here!!

Add in I'm still trying to watch my calories and exercise 4-5 times a week. When I'm super busy, the calorie watching is actually easier. (It's when I have free time I tend to go all out) but the exercising is difficult. Luckily (ha!!) I burn many calories at the assisted living (From here on out, it will be called AL, okay?) going up and down many flights of stairs, many times and you can bet I count those. But, on the other days, it's hard to find the time. Of course, one thing that should be easy enough is jogging. But, after attempting it many, many times, and going to the chiropractor many, many times, we've determined that until I build up my core (I hate that term!! It sounds so .....lame) I can't run. My hips go out of joint each time. He said walking (which is easy but takes a long time to burn enough calories) or swimming (which I love but it costs money and requires pre-planning) are pretty much my choices.
For awhile, I was pretty bummed. But, then I realized I was bummed I couldn't exercise which means I've made progress, right?

Lastly, in my previous post, I told you about a dear lady at the AL that had fallen and hurt her head? Well, apparently, the reason she was dizzy and fell in the first place, was because she has a brain tumor. So very sad.
She's having good days and some not so good days. Days where she's herself and days when she's somebody else entirely.
It's going to be very,very hard to watch her decline.

That's pretty much all that's going on here. (For now!!)


  1. I am back to building my core and it's tough. Even walking (more than 2 miles) is hard. I have found that basic yoga, engaging my core around the house, while I'm driving, sitting, etc. is helping tremendously. And making me exhausted. :(

    Nine days until I go back to work... secretly I'm really scared the work load will be too much. But I suppose I'll never know until I'm back and in full swing. I just keep thinking I only need to last about 2 weeks, by then it will be mostly packages which are easy peasy for me. One day at a time I guess.

    Good luck with your hectic schedule. :)

  2. I'm glad you've surfaced so we all know you're still out there, somewhere. :)
    It sounds like you really, really have a ton of things going on. Too much for one person. You need a wife.

  3. Hi!

    Why don't you try Nordic walking? It uses many muscles, so builds up your core faster than "simple" walking, but doesn't put the strain of running on your body.

    I got tired just by reading your post - one brave woman you are!

    kind regards

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