Saturday, March 8, 2008

Turns out, you CAN take it with you!

My husband read my first entry the other night and asked "why are you writing about what the kids leave in our bed?" And I suppose that is a good question. Not that I would say that to him. I believe my response was more like " bug off!".

Some days, life gets just a little too close to the "too much to handle" side of parenthood. My kids are driving me bonkers, the house just won't stay clean, the dog threw up AGAIN, the phone is ringing AGAIN, the chicken is burnt and it doesn't matter because whatever I fix, the response is the same "ewwww.." and frankly, bedtime just doesn't come soon enough. For the kids and myself as well.

You know when you first fell in love with your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever, and you'd catch a whiff of a smell, or hear a song, or see someone that reminded you of them and it was just make you happy? You'd be smiling that grin of only someone in love could smile. You'd start humming some lame brain song. You can't get off work fast enough to call them, you can't see them enough?

That's how I feel about finding cheerios, a hot wheel car, or one tiny Barbie shoe, in my bed. After the kids have been in bed and I have had a few minutes of quiet. Basically they have been out of my mind for a time. But, when I find that "treasure" left in my bed, I can't help but smile and think about the funny thing one or all of my "true loves" did that day.

Most of the time, my husband is oblivious to the objects in our bed. Mostly because he is so tired that he could fall asleep on a cactus and not notice. And when I show him the object he smiles but he hasn't been with them all day like I have so the "story" behind the object is lost on him.

The other night, he came home and handed me one sock belonging to child #4, approximately a size 24mo. So it was on the small size. I asked what the heck? He then told me how he had been working most of the day with this annoying "feeling" in his long sleeve shirt. He kept rubbing at it, pulling at it but the darn thing was still bugging him. He finally reached down the inside of the sleeve and found this sock. He knew it must have just gotten mixed up in the dryer but he still smiled because he knew who the sock belonged to and knew that the owner of said sock was an adorable 22 month old who was most likely driving his mother insane at that exact moment.

Finding the sock put a smile on his face and happy visions in his head. He had an "under the covers" moment, just at work. With his shirt and one little sock.

At least it wasn't a pair of undies!!

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